DIY: How to Light Up Your Springfree Blue for Autism Awareness Month

Here at Springfree Trampoline, we're raising autism awareness all April by participating in the Light it Up Blue campaign by Autism Speaks. The campaign focuses on lighting up buildings, homes, and offices with blue lights, doing random acts of kindess, and raising funds to support autism awareness. We'll be doing all 3 this month and are so excited to support this amazing cause!

For those who want to get involved, here's a quick (and easy) way to light up your Springfree Trampoline blue for April.



  • Blue Christmas Lights (We used 3 strings of them)
  • 20-30 Zip Ties
  • Springfree Trampoline of any size


Step #1: Wrap the Christmas lights around the first flexible net pole.


Step #2: Secure in the middle and at the top of the pole with a zip tie. Be careful not to use the zip ties on the netting since it can damage it. 


Step #3: Drape the lights over the top of the net. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the next flexible net pole.


Step #4: Since you'll be going from top to bottom with the second pole, drape the lights around the tension rods and secure with zip ties.


Step #5: Repeat on all flexible net poles.

We recommend not leaving the lights on unattended and limiting jumping until the lights are off of the trampoline.


If you light up your Springfree blue, send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter and we'll post it! Have fun!


Healthy Living Tips for World Health Day

With World Health Day around the corner, I wanted to share some quick and easy tips to encourage healthy living for your family. 

1. Eat Greener

Changing one or two elements of your diet can make a huge impact in the long run. Switch a few ingredients of your favorite snacks to keep eating what you love in a healthy way. If you enjoy a morning smoothie, try adding spinach. If you can’t stop snacking on salty chips, try making Kale chips!


2. Make Exercise Fun

Encourage family fun outside in the backyard with your Springfree Trampoline. There are countless fun games you can play on your Springfree Trampoline that will get your family moving and jumping. Try playing “Simon Says” with one person on the trampoline and the family copying each move on the ground. Another fun game is “Freeze Jump”, it’s like musical chairs but on a trampoline. Each player jumps until the music stops and has to freeze, if you can’t stop jumping than you’re out! Add an extra challenge by only doing certain jumps, like seat drops.

3. Sleep More

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Keep a consistent routine by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day – even on weekends. With consistent sleep, you’ll find you have more energy and are able to tackle more each day!

These three tips can make a huge impact on your health and don’t take a lot to start doing today! Get your family involved and stay healthy for World Health Day on Monday April 7th. 


Spring Clean Your Springfree

Winter is finally coming to an end and the spring weather is moving in. With the change of the seasons, it is time for spring cleaning. On the last Beyond the Bounce post, Shayna talked about spring cleaning your life, but sometimes spring cleaning outside can make a big impact. 


After months of cold, snow, and ice, there is undoubtedly lots of work to be done in the yard. The first step is to assess the damage. Take note of any weeds that need pulling, shrubs that need pruning, and grass that needs watering. Make a list and take a Saturday afternoon to get outside and spring clean your yard. It’s even more fun if you can get the family involved.


It can be difficult to make spring chores fun, but encourage your family to join in by creating a little “minute to win it” game. Who can pull the most weeds in one minute? Which family member can hold a full watering can for the longest? These mini-games make yard work a lot more fun for the whole family.


Spring Clean Your Springfree Trampoline


Once the yard is cleaned up, don't forget to do the same with your Springfree Trampoline. Do a quick wash of the mat with water and a light dish detergent, or a power-washer if you have access to one. Avoid using chemical based soaps on the mat as they might corrode the material. Crawl under the trampoline, or “persuade” one of the family to do it instead and do a quick look over of the mat rod holders that hold the rods in place. If you see any cracks or missing mat rod holders, call our customer care team at Springfree to find the best solution. Lastly, set up your FlexiNet if you lowered it during the winter months. Get your Springfree Trampoline ready for spring so you can get jumping right away!


What spring cleaning tips do you have? 


Author: Staci Salazar

Blog: 7 on a Shoestring


Jumping with Jason: Back Drops

Sometimes we don’t always land on our feet on a trampoline. New to our blog series, our Ambassador and Trampoline Olympian Jason Burnett shows you how to do a seat drop on a Springfree. Remember to take your time learning this jump and only move to the next step when you feel ready! Please note that Jason is a professional athlete with plenty of training and supervision from coaches. Do not attempt any flips or tricks at home. Check back each month for new jump moves for your Trampoline. Happy jumping! Learn how to do a back drop:


Spring Clean Your Life

On January 1st people make all sorts of resolutions.  It’s a new year and it seems like a great time to make a change.  But is it really?  January is cold with winter just getting into full swing in Canada. It may not be the most opportune time for change.

Fast forward to March - It didn’t start out all that great (at least in the weather department), but now spring has officially sprung.  And spring is wonderful.  Plants spring to life.  Baby birdies chirp from their nests. The grass starts to turn green.  Spring is full of hope and life.

With spring comes spring cleaning.  We clear the clutter from our homes and yards.  Out with the old and in with the new. It’s also the perfect time to do some more meaningful cleaning. It’s so much easier to look at your life with optimism when the sun is shining. The great thing about spring cleaning is that while you are taking time tidying the “material” things, you can also set yourself up for an overhaul.

You cleaned out the cupboards and the fridge – Awesome, this is the perfect time to kick start your plans to eat better. Those gleaming shelves are calling out to be stocked with healthy food.  You can see the bottom of your freezer now?  Great!  Get cooking and fill it with premade healthy meals for you and your family. Save yourself the time and stress of trying to figure out what’s for dinner every day!

Gardening is good for you in so many ways!  Obviously growing healthy veggies at home is great for you. They are fresh, nutritious, and best of all, convenient. Even if you don’t have the space or inclination to grow vegetables, gardening on any level is good for your health.  From the actual physical exercise you get from preparing and maintaining a garden to the sense of accomplishment that comes from growing something, gardening is a wonderful activity. It’s a great stress reliever and can turn into a fun family activity.

Spring Cleaning Your Garden

Is it time to spring clean your contacts? No, not the ones you stick in your eyes. We all have people in our lives that aren’t impacting us in a positive way.  Spring is a great time to clean up those relationships.  It might mean working harder on some relationships or worrying less about others. Think about the relationships you have that are causing you stress. Be honest with yourself here.  I’m not suggesting you need to get out a red pen and strike people out.  But it might help to think about how you can improve the ones that matter to you.

Get a clean bill of health – Make an appointment for a check up.  Go see your dentist.  Get your eyes checked. Keep that spring feeling going with the thumbs up from your health professionals.

Freshen your look – Spring is a great time for a makeover.  It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, even a small change can make you feel great! Try a new hair style or color.  A new shade of lipstick.  A hot pair of shoes. It’s amazing how much even one small change can affect how you feel.  Give it a try!

Clean up your play list – Do you listen to the same music most of the time?  We all have our favorites, the ones we know all the words too and belt out in the shower. How about putting a little spring in your step with some new tunes?

Clean up your finances – Now don’t clean out your bank account, but rather look at where you are at financially and where you’d like to be.  Set some goals and work out a plan to achieve them. 

Clean your calendar - We are all busy.  Life can be demanding. Juggling work, family, and other commitments can be overwhelming.  Sitting down and scheduling in some firm me and/or family time is important. You’ve still got nine months on that calendar, plenty of time to make pick some dates to do something or, sometimes even better, do nothing!

Whatever your spring cleaning priorities are I hope that you have the opportunity to really take in the season.  To breathe that fresh air and feel renewed both psychically and mentally!


Author: Shayna Murray

Blog: Mommy Outside the Box


The Power of Jumping for Sensory Seeking Children

Sensory seeking children frequently experience sensory cravings, where they simply can’t get enough of anything. They are constantly searching for ways to stimulate their nervous systems and this can affect their attention span and ability to focus, and can cause problems staying calm or sleeping at night.

My daughter Andrea has had sensory cravings since she was around two years old. She frequently craves deep pressure, like big squeeze hugs, hard rubs to her feet, sleeping with heavy, weighted blankets, and jumping. Andrea went through a year of behavioral therapy and we learned about ways that we could help her with her deep pressure sensory cravings. One of those ways was with the regular use of a trampoline.

Jumping up and down on a trampoline is an effective and fun way to cure a deep sensory craving. By doing this a couple times a day it helps to give the input she needs, allowing Andrea to calm down and focus.

Our first outdoor trampoline was spring-based trampoline from a local retail store. It had a dangerous mat around the springs and a thin enclosure net. 

Broken Spring-Based Trampoline

This is a picture of our trampoline just a year and a half after purchasing it. It had holes in the mat and the enclosure net ripping away from the support bars, making the trampoline extremely dangerous.

We knew that Andrea needed something safer, something built to last and a trampoline that would grow with her to help with her sensory cravings. 

Andrea on her Springfree Trampoline

Last summer, we got the opportunity to replace our old spring-based trampoline with a Springfree Trampoline. We were happy to know that we were giving Andrea a safe place to satisfy her sensory cravings.

Our lives have definitely been changed with our Springfree Trampoline being a part of Andrea’s therapy and sensory needs. 


Author: Amanda West

Blog: Mommy of Two Little Monkeys


St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

The St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt is a great family activity that gets everyone outside and working together. This pfun game can help mom or dad get the hunt set up and tips for making the experience extra fun.

You will need:

  • Pot – You can use one from your kitchen or pick up a plastic version at the dollar store.
  • Gold – This where you can get creative. Use chocolate coins, treats, or even small change to fill the pot.
  • Printable Clues

Setting up the Hunt

  1. Print and cut the clues out.
  2. Hide the clues according to this:
    1. Clue #1: This is the one the hunt starts with; you can leave it outside your kids’ bedrooms or just give it to them with breakfast.
    2. Clue #2: Outside, somewhere that’s easy to find.
    3. Clue #3: Underneath Springfree Trampoline
  3. Hide the pot of gold somewhere in your kitchen. The last clue leads your family back inside and tells them that the pot of gold is definitely in your kitchen, so feel free to put it in a good hiding place.
  4. Have fun with it! Read the clues in your best Leprechaun voice or add your own backstory for Lucky to take the experience to the next level of fun for your kids.
Oh no! Lucky the leprechaun has hidden a pot of gold in your backyard and forgot where he put it. It’s up to you and your family to help him out and find the pot of gold – Maybe he’ll even share it with you! Since there aren’t any rainbows around, lucky he has left a few clues that should lead you to the spot where he lost his treasure.


Clue #1:

I can’t remember where I left my pot of gold,

It might be in a place that’s hot or cold.

I think I left it surrounded by grass,

Hurry! Before it turns into a pot of brass.

Clue #2:

I think I remember, I think I know!

I hide it somewhere that’s really low.

It’s under where you like to bounce,

Just be careful that you don’t pounce

Clue #3:

Okay, I remember exactly where to look,

It’s hidden in the best room to cook.

Since you’ve looked so hard for my pot,

You can keep the treasure, the whole lot!


Share with us some pictures of your kids on their scavenger hunt! We'd love to see them having fun :)


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Jumping with Jason: Seat Drops

Sometimes we don’t always land on our feet on a trampoline. New to our blog series, our Ambassador and Trampoline Olympian Jason Burnett shows you how to do a seat drop on a Springfree.

Remember to take your time learning this jump and only move to the next step when you feel ready! Please note that Jason is a professional athlete with plenty of training and supervision from coaches. Do not attempt any flips or tricks at home.

Check back each month for new jump moves for your Trampoline. Happy jumping!

Learn how to do a seat drop:


Then and Now

Shaun Swadling, Australian Trampoline champion and Springfree™ Trampoline ambassador shares his journey into becoming a champion!

One of my earliest memories of trampolining was as a little kid, spending all day outside running between the trampoline and the pool and our beloved cubby house. My family had to buy a new trampoline each Summer because we would wear out or break one each year without fail. If only we had a Springfree Trampoline back then!

At that stage I had no idea that trampolining was even a professional sport or that it would take me to where I am today. When I was jumping around on our backyard trampoline as a kid, it was purely just for fun. It was only after watching Ji Wallace win a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics that I searched out and found my local trampoline club (Eastlake’s Trampoline Sports) and started my professional trampoline journey.

Now, 14 years later, I’m still at Eastlake’s Trampoline Club with my original coach Brett Austine and still having as much fun with the sport as in the original days in the backyard with my family. However, I’m proud to say that I’ve also achieved some pretty cool things such as:

  • Making the 2012 Olympic reserve team;
  • Placing first in the 2012 Pacific Rim Championships in the synchronised and team events; and
  • Placing second in the 2012 National Championships in the individual trampoline event.

Trampolining has allowed me to travel the globe and compete against the world’s top athletes. It has opened up possible career paths for me and I have met some of my closest friends through the sport. And it all started just playing around on my backyard trampoline. 

Could my story be your story (or your kids’ story) too?


Springfree™ Trampoline Workouts with Lean Mumma

Springfree Trampoline is excited to be partnering with Australian fitness expert Marina Perry-Kuhn this year.

As well as owning several Brisbane-based fitness studios, Marina developed the Lean Mumma exercise and lifestyle program focused on giving mothers healthy new outlooks on life – and lean, healthy bodies to boot. Lean Mumma franchises are spreading throughout Australia and the associated Lean Mumma website hosts an ever-increasing audience of engaged online members.

Marina knows the positive effect jumping on a trampoline has on the body. Her ‘Pure Bounce’ class, performed on rebounders, was the first of its kind in Australia when launched and is still the most popular class on her innovative schedule today. So enthused by the trampoline is Marina that, back in 2009, she helped set a Guinness World Record for the “largest number of simultaneous trampoline jumpers”. She organised some 300 volunteers to jump on separate rebounders at the same time to beat the existing record of 250 jumpers.

Now, Marina has partnered with Springfree Trampoline to promote health and fitness for trampoline owners and enthusiasts.

So many parents buy a trampoline for their kids to play on but don’t realise that it’s actually a brilliant piece of exercise equipment for themselves,” she says. “It’s conveniently located in the backyard, with access at all hours, and did you know that 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of cardio?" Now there’s a time saver we all need!

“What I love most about Springfree Trampolines is the quality of the trampoline itself and the safety aspect. No one should workout where any dangers may exist.”

While jumping on the trampoline is an obvious exercise, Marina says there are many other ways to workout with a trampoline by utilising the mat and also the exterior frame, for example. And keeping it fun and interesting in this way always helps keep the motivation levels up.

“There are ways to workout around the trampoline while the kids play on it so you can be killing two birds with one stone by supervising the kids’ play and getting a few exercises in at the same time,” she says.

Marina has developed three main trampoline workouts for Springfree consisting of a number of exercises each:


The Jumping Workout

The Jumping Workout is Marina’s “favourite”. She says it will have participants reverting to their childhood as they combine fitness with fun. In it, she demonstrates the star jump, pike jump, tuck jump and the oblique jump, proving just how quickly a good old fashioned bounce can get the heart rate up quite quickly.

The Ringside Workout

The Ringside Workout is perfect for parents who want to utilise their time to exercise while they also supervise their child on their Springfree Trampoline. The Ringside Workout is performed outside the trampoline and Marina will show you how to use the frame for incline push-ups and the FlexrStep for tricep dips and to ensure correct form for squats.

The Total Body Workout

This workout is performed on the trampoline and utilises the mat as an unstable surface that, as Marina explains, is perfect in forcing the body to recruit muscles. In this Total Body Workout, Marina will demonstrate sumo squats, push ups, the plank, reverse curls and sit ups and reminds participants to enjoy a good stretch at the end of any workout.

So, what do you think? Has Marina got you looking at your Springfree Trampoline somewhat differently now? Are you inspired to get out there and get active? We hope so. Make sure you let us know how you go!

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