Own the World’s First Smart Trampoline™ and Australia’s Best Bounce!

The world’s Safest Trampoline™ is also the world’s first Smart Trampoline™. Sensors on the mat detect your every move, as your jumps control the fun, educational and active games on your tablet – great for coordination, creative thinking, and exer-learning.

And Mum and Dad don’t miss out either. With a fitness app featuring guided workouts, goal setting, and real-time stats, staying in shape has never been easier.

The Smart Trampoline™ is outdoor active fun for the whole family!

Springfree trampolines have:

  • Smart technology (your jumps control fun, educational and active games)
  • A rod-based system with flexible composite rods (no dangerous springs)
  • SoftEdge™ technology mat (no pinch-points, springs or hard frame to jump into)
  • FlexiNet™ system (safely redirects jumpers back to the centre)
  • Flexible Net Rods (no hard poles to connect with).

Springfree vs. Spring-based Trampolines

What makes Springfree Trampoline different from a regular trampoline with springs? We re-engineered the trampoline from the ground up!

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