Built to Last

With a Springfree Trampoline safety and quality go hand in hand. Every component has been rigorously tested and made with the highest quality materials so you get the same enjoyment, year after year.

10 years warranty on all trampoline parts

On the entire trampoline

Stronger Than Steel

The net and mat rods are made from an advanced composite material that's 3X stronger than steel so they can withstand millions of jump cycles.

10 years warranty on all trampoline parts

Withstands The Harshest Sun

The FlexiNet is UV stabilized and our mat is tested to withstand thousands of hours of harsh sun exposure!

Flexibility Meets Strength

The FlexiNet enclosure is made from a soft-touch knit that is resistant to tearing and doesn't fray or run.



Our steel frame has three layers of rust-protection that won’t flake or peel. And every frame is fully inspected and assembled before leaving the factory.


How Strong Is A Springfree?

Our mat is made of super tough geo-textile construction fabric. Together with the frame and mat rods, a Springfree can hold up to almost 500kg of static weight!


Safe As The Day You Bought It

Designed to be low maintenance with no trampoline or enclosure pads to replace. This ensures your Springfree is safe for years to come!

Quality Assured

Each trampoline is fully inspected in our factory before it is packaged to ensure it is 100% before arriving in your backyard.

Built to Last. Built for Life.

All trampolines are backed by a 10 year warranty on the entire trampoline.

10 years warranty on all trampoline parts Learn More