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Large Trampolines

A trampoline is an excellent addition to any backyard. Coming in several different shapes and sizes, our large trampolines make the perfect edition to any large family with ample yard space. You and your children will be able to reach for the sky with any one of the trampolines from the large Springfree Trampoline line.

Every one of our large trampolines are built with the highest safety and quality in mind, enclosed with our non-rip flexible nets and crafted from the ground up on our unique springless design. Above all, our trampolines are built for fun, built for safety, and built to last with robust construction and the highest quality of materials that are designed to lessen the blow from an impact. Our large outdoor trampolines come complete with a 10-year warranty on every component that will keep you jumping for years to come. Check out the range of large trampolines for sale from Springfree Trampoline.

The Large Springfree Trampoline Difference

Trampolines bring out the inner kid in everyone, we jump high, land hard and traditional trampolines lack quality materials and safe construction. When creating our line of trampolines, we took a ground up approach to completely rethink and redesign the trampoline. Here are some of our design enhancements that separate Springfree Trampolines from the standard.

  • We use flexible mat rods to give our trampolines the bounce that allows users to jump to new heights.
  • Our large trampolines are built using the highest quality materials including three layers of rust protection on the frame
  • A traditional trampoline’s frame is one of the number one locations for accidental impacts and injuries, so we designed the structural frame of our trampolines to sit below the jumping surface where it is impossible to fall on.
  • All of our trampolines are enclosed with a FlexiNet to keep everyone enclosed in the play area and prevent and unwanted exits.
  • We use flexible rods to support our tensioned net enclosure which will flex and reduce impact by cushioning jumpers and prevent falls to the ground.
  • Being outside, trampolines, and their users, are often exposed to direct sunlight. To prevent UV damage or deterioration, all of our products are made with material that is resistant to UVA & UVB rays.
  • Every single one of our large trampolines for sale come with an industry leading 10-year warranty that covers the entire trampoline.

Find Out More About Our Range Of Trampolines

We have a great range of trampoline shapes and styles as part of our large Springfree trampoline line. Browse through our range below to see if you can find the right trampoline for your needs:

Not the right trampoline for you? Head over to our main products page where you’ll be sure to find a great range of trampolines online that are perfect for any setting!