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Even though the general installation process is the same for all Springfree models, we’ve recently updated our manuals to provide model specific instructions to save you time. Please follow the steps below to access the installation videos and instructions for your Springfree model.

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  • SF40 Compact Round Trampoline

  • SF90 Large Round Trampoline

  • SF60 Large Oval Trampoline



If you received your FlexrHoop prior to July 2016 click here.

If you've received your FlexrHoop from July 2016 click here.

Shifting Wheels
Ground Anchor
All Weather Cover


S155 Installation Manual
S113 Installation Manual
092 Installation Manual
R79 Installation Manual
077 Installation Manual
R54 Installation Manual
tgoma software quickstart guide
tgoma software user guide

Trampoline Disassembly:

Trampoline Disassembly

tgoma Disassembly:

tgoma Disassembly Manual