Re-Directing Screentime Outdoors Good For Kids Development

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Re-Directing Screentime Outdoors Good For Kids Development

Research published by Active Healthy Kids Australia shows that 81% of Australian Kids aged 5-17 and 85% of kids aged 12-17 don’t meet the recommended physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes daily(1).

Springfree featuring tgoma has introduced the world’s first smart trampoline in an effort to increase the physical activity of Australian children, re-directing the trend for electronic games to encourage kids to get outside and active.

tgoma, (Take Games Outside and Make them Active), is a two-time 2016 Australian Good Design Award winner, and shifts the time kids are already spending on devices to outside, making that time active. tgoma has a range of fun games for the whole family, including educational games, that will make fitness fun!

What the experts say...

Benchmark Psychology clinical psychologist and internet addiction expert Dr Tania McMahon believes that while technology and screens are here to stay, tgoma is a great way to adopt these modern technologies to encourage a more active lifestyle among children.

“I love that tgoma motivates kids to exercise with games that are rewarding and appealing, but that are ultimately self-limiting as kids can only play for as long as they can jump,” she says.

Springfree featuring tgoma is helping parents reap the developmental benefits of outdoor play by shifting the screen outdoors.

Gateway Therapies director and occupational therapist Dr Nicole Grant says tgoma offers plenty of developmental and physical benefits for children.

“Jumping on a trampoline provides kids with vestibular and proprioceptive input, which helps regulate their moods and level of alertness,” she explains. “As tgoma provides a multi-sensory approach to learning, kids are likely to benefit more from interacting with digital devices while jumping on a trampoline than if they were just using an iPad.”

 How it works...

The specialised sensor technology on the trampoline mat directly integrates with the user’s own tablet device, allowing families easy access to signature games, designed to engage the entire family.

tgoma’s current game library, which is set to expand, includes educational games, fun games and even interactive fitness workouts for adults. The free tgoma app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Springfree featuring tgoma will be available in Australia in October and can currently be preordered online.

(1) Source: Active Healthy Kids Australia 2014 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children & Young People, May 21 2014.


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