How To Get Christmas Sorted Now, Stress-Free

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With Christmas creeping closer and closer, the time to ‘get in early’ is upon us, and you can save both money and stress by getting your some, if not all, of your Christmas gifts sorted now.

When you think Christmas, you think family, you think feasting, time spent together and gifts. Then you think about the budget. Most people feel the pocket-pinch around the silly season. But if you purchase gifts slowly throughout the year, you’ll find it sorted sooner than you think. And let's face it, we'd all love to avoid the mad rush in shopping centres that comes with the holidays.

Your Tax Rebate

Christmas is an expensive time, of year with large gatherings of friends and family, extra food, gifts and travel and holiday expenses. Not to mention school holiday entertainment!

It’s always easier if you have a bit of money put away beforehand – enter the tax cheque!

Most of us have now submitted our tax return – if you haven't, you'd better get a move on – and have either recieved our tax rebate, or are expecting it shortly. If you haven't already spent it, and are pondering what to spend it on, the answer is Christmas gifts.

Piece By Piece

A savvy gift shopper will keep an eye out for gifts throughout the year, particularly when there are great deals to be had. It doesn’t have to be super close to a birthday or national holiday like Christmas. The next time you see a great gift at a great price, grab it. Stockpiling gifts in a special secret area makes things stress free, and you won’t even realise you’re getting Christmas (or birthdays) sorted early.

Gifts that would be nice for a number of people are great too – you can see what you’ve got and decide who gets what closer to the date! Forget a niece’s birthday? No problem – you can just grab that lovely perfume gift set you bought on sale in April!

Joint Gifts

Joint gifts can be a lot of fun, and can create great activities the whole family can enjoy together. Joint gifts are a particularly great idea for families with more than 1 child, or for something the whole family can enjoy. Joint gifts also means you can combine what you would spend on each person and get a really kick-ass present that will be talked about for years!

Just imagine the excitement Christmas morning, when the kids unwrap a ‘clue’ that sends them outside to find their brand new TRAMPOLINE!

Plus, bigger combined gifts means less thinking and planning what to get each person individually (and making sure everything is even and fair)!

Layby Now

Layby is one of the best ways you can get Christmas (or an upcoming birthday) sorted now. Decide on your purchase, lock it in and pay later – in easy installments, so the costs of Christmas don’t all come at once.

Keep an eye out for specials and great deals that are available with Layby, so you can lock them in – like Springfree Trampoline’s tgoma Presale. Springfree featuring tgoma has been labeled this year’s hottest gift; and for a limited time the tgoma Presale offer is available with Finance or Layby options, meaning you can secure the first of the new stock, in time for Christmas, and take full advantage of the Presale value.

Finance Options

Similar to Layby, finance options mean you can get Christmas sorted today and lock in a price, paying off your Christmas in manageable installments. Check out the Springfree Finance options, available with the tgoma Presale.

Get Christmas Sorted Today with Springfree

Why wait? Get Christmas sorted today with Springfree Trampoline featuring tgoma.

The World’s Safest Trampoline is a great addition to any backyard, and will provide hours and years of enjoyment for the whole family. tgoma, Take Games Outside and Make them Active, is the world’s first smart trampoline, re-directing screen time outdoors to make it active. With a range of educational and fun games for the whole family (and the great tgomaFIT fitness app for Mum & Dad), tgoma takes the time kids are already spending on devices and takes it outside.

You can secure one of the first tgoma units, and this year’s hottest gift, and get Christmas sorted now! The tgoma Presale is available with any size and model trampoline, and is also available with Finance or Layby!

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