2016 Rio Olympic Games: Trampoline Gymnastics

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2016 Rio Olympic Games: Trampoline Gymnastics

As the 2016 Rio Olympic Games are fast approaching, the Springfree team are getting excited for our favourite Olympic event – the trampoline event, of course!

Remembering those who compete in the Olympics are professionals and gymnasts trained in executing these tricks safely; it’s a great spectator sport, but don’t try this at home!

Trampolining has been part of the Olympic Games since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. With individual competitions for Men and Women, the Olympic trampoline gymnasts bounce to heights over 8 metres!

Let’s take a look at this exciting sport of Olympic Trampoline Gymnastics in more detail!

The History

At the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Russian competitors Alexander Moskalenko and Irina Karavaeva won the first ever Olympic trampoline gold medals. They were applauded by George Nissen, the creator of the trampoline.

The Aim

Bouncing on trampolines at great heights (sometimes over 8 metres), the athletes perform twists, somersaults and other acrobatic moves, and are scored on the execution, difficulty and flight time. This year, the event will take place at the Rio Olympic Arena.

The Performance

Each competitor will try to wow judges and spectators alike, with two sets of 10 routines each, performing single, double or triple somersaults, with and without twists.

Again, don’t try this at home!

High Flier – Blake Gaudry

We’ll be cheering on Aussie Olympics competitor Blake Gaudry, who will represent Australia in the event for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

This will be Blake’s second Olympic Games, after he finished 13th in the London 2012 Olympic Games on 84.255 points.

24-year-old Blake, who is from Sydney, qualified for the 2016 Olympics after winning the Australian quota spot for Rio at the Rio Test Event.

Be sure to join us in cheering Blake on! You can follow Blake, and all the other 2016 Rio Olympic Games competitors by checking out all the updates at the Australian Olympic Committee website.

See It For Yourself

The 2016 Rio Olympic Trampoline Gymnastics events will be held from the 5th to 21st of August 2016 at the Rio Olympic Arena.

You can find out more, or buy tickets at the Rio 2016 Olympics website, or follow the Australian teams at the Australian Olympic Committee website.





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