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Get Creative With the Kids at These Workshops in Melbourne!

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Looking for more ways to flex that right brain and enjoy a different activity to do with the kids? Perhaps open up their world to something they haven’t tried before? We’ve put together a list of fun, creative activities / workshops to do with the kids and what’s really great about all of these, other than learning a new skill, is you normally walk away with your creation to enjoy at home!


Pottery is currently making a resurgence and when you experience the relaxing feeling of working clay on the wheel, you can understand why. What’s better is there are a few pottery studios opening up their doors for workshops for kids to come along with their parents.

Check out Urban List’s list of pottery studios for a starting point. A few of these studios offer a kids class option. From Beginners Pottery Class to Kid’s Clay Hand Building, you’ll have a fun, new experience and walk away with your very own cup or bowl.

Image Source: Urban List

Jewellery / Accessories

Everyone loves a unique piece or jewellery of accessory that has a story. When you’ve made it yourself (or your son or daughter has made it), it makes it that little bit extra special and you’ll feel super chuffed with all the compliments. So get the kids involved in understanding how jewellery is made and see how creative they can get with their designs. Pod Jewellery has a variety of workshops to suit whatever jewellery making mood you are in!

​Image Source: Class Bento

Robotics / Coding

This is a workshop that didn’t exist when we were growing up so sometimes it’s hard to comprehend. But robotics and coding is very much part of our children’s lives so these workshops provide a great opportunity for them to further develop their skills and enhance their understanding of a world that will likely play a big part in their future. The skills they develop not only include the functional elements of coding and robotics but also learning about problem solving and team work.

Check out these companies who offer various workshops in Melbourne:

Image Source: Robofun


Getting the kids interested in cooking is a good first step in them understanding about being healthy and what foods are good for them… and moving in the right step for them to give you a night or two off (jk)! This fun cooking class by Chef Ha Nguyen, will teach them how to make and enjoy fresh, healthy foods. Chef Ha believes that cooking, eating and sharing should be an experience, not just a meal. He created OTAO Kitchen as an extension of his passion for food and to share this passion with others.

Image Source: Active Activities

Photography / Videography

There is always a battle with how much screen time is too much screen time when it comes to your kids – with no real simple formula (especially when we’re also guilty of too much screen time). But knowing that they have a general interest and fascination with it may provide an opportunity to tap into their incredible imaginations and steer them into the world of photography. With the quality cameras that phones have these days, the results of a fun and informative photography course could be amazing.

Check out this one we’ve found on Class Bento

Some other highlights we saw include:

We highly recommend keeping a look out on Class Bento and Eventbrite for any other workshops coming up throughout the year.

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