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Jump Into Autumn: 12 Autumn Activities For Kids

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Vibrant colours. The crunch of leaves. Crisp, sunny days. That can mean only one thing – autumn is here! Don’t let the cooler weather stop your kids from getting fresh air and exercise. Jump into autumn with these 12 activities!

  1. Take A Nature Walk – Walking through the beautiful autumn colours is a great way to get outside. Don’t forget to pack a bag with all the necessitates – Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, water and snacks!
  2. Chalk Drawing – It’s not just for summer! Grab some chalk and let your imagination soar. Use your driveway, sidewalk or even the trampoline mat for your personal canvas.
  3. Strawberry Picking – Head down to a local strawberry farm for some strawberry picking fun! And follow it up with a strawberry jam cooking party!
  4. Plant Something And Watch It Grow - Ok we know that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it is! There are many plants, including herbs and vegetables that can be planted in autumn.
  5. Backyard Cricket – A classic Australian game. They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even think about the chill in the air!
  6. Jumping On A Springfree – Yes! You can still jump when it’s getting chilly. Just make sure they wear socks to keep those little feet warm.
  7. Create An Autumn Mask – Go hunting for leaves outside then pull out the art box and turn them into a beautiful mask. 
  8. Build a Mini-Golf Course – All you need are some simple household items like cups, toys and cereal boxes. This is a perfect a rainy day activity to keep the kids entertained.
  9. Hunt for Buried Treasure – ‘X’ marks the spot! Bury a prize (lollies or toy), create a map of your backyard and watch the fun.
  10. Bike Ride – Autumn is the perfect time to go for a family bike ride. It’s not too hot and the crisp air and autumn foliage will brighten things up!
  11. Go Fishing! - Fishing as a family is so much fun. The fish are active, the scenery is beautiful and you don’t have to worry (too much) about sunburns.
  12. Movie Nights - This is a hit for all ages and if you host a movie night, you can bet most of the kids in the neighbourhood will join the festivities.  All you need is a sheet, projector, computer and a movie – it’s easy!

Autumn is the perfect time to go outside and be active and we hope you find plenty of reasons to do just that!


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