Trampoline Installation

Are you installing this trampoline yourself?

If so, here are some guidelines to help it run smoothly...

  1. Don’t leave the installation of your trampoline until the last minute... your trampoline is likely to take at least two hours to install (perhaps longer, if you’re doing it in the dark late on Christmas Eve).
  2. You will need two or more people... if you try to install this single-handed you may struggle.
  3. Follow the instructions CLOSELY - They give you essential tips to make your install easier. It will take a lot longer (and be frustrating to you) if you have to undo steps because you’ve missed out a critical step earlier. Take your time to take it all in.
  4. It’s more about technique than brute strength. So if you’re having to use excessive force you may be in danger of breaking something or injuring yourself. Check your technique, and take heed of the tips in the instruction manual or video - they do help.
  5. View the installation videos below as they illustrate step by step how to go through the installation.
  6. All going well you shouldn’t need to do this, however if you do need to remove a rod from its mat socket, don’t twist the mat edge as shown here;

    it could break the socket. (if this happens, the trampoline is quite OK to be used temporarily with a rod missing - the kids can still enjoy the trampoline on Christmas day, but you must contact us so that we can arrange a replacement.

If you are having difficulties and require assistance, please call 1800 JUMP SAFE (1800 586 772) as we do have phone support available after hours, except for Christmas Day.

Even though the general installation guidelines are the same for all trampolines, we have updated our manuals recently to provide model specific instructions. In order to save you time, please go through the following step to access installation videos and instructions for the trampoline model that you own.

Installation Videos

Please go through the following step to access installation videos and instructions for the trampoline model that you own.

Please select your trampoline model description below to begin.



Springfree Trampoline mat blue label

(O92 model shown. Position of the blue label on
the mat will vary depending on the model but it will always be at the edge of the mat as displayed.)

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